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Will Leitch is too good not to talk about

Monday Morning Punter of KSK sends Deadspin's Will Leitch off appropriately, pointing out:

I'm glad to be here at the latest Blogfrica Circle Jerk. Seriously, if we spent any more time discussing ourselves, we'd get a cease-and-desist from Mark Cuban.

And yet, Will Leitch is an important enough fixture in what it is we do that I can't resist talking about him even after reading that QED moment from MMP. I'd ask reader(s) to forgive me, but I don't have any.

I love Deadspin, read it daily, have for years. Will has presented good sports stories with glibly glibness that was simply the glibbest work about, and it spoke to me. I imagine it spoke to a lot of my ilk who: a) loved sports, b) felt that seriousness reporting over an inherently childish topic (my bat is bigger than your bat) was worth discouraging, c) agreed that sports entertainment is best done democratically and d) still laughed at dick and fart jokes.

Will Leitch is leaving Deadspin for apparently greener pastures (I question the possibility of that) at New York Magazine, huzzah. He couldn't resist because:

It wins National Magazine Awards.


And although Will promises to continue writing at Deadspin, it will never be the same without his ward oversight. Leitch was never a sports fan who happened to  be a good writer, he was always an amazingly talented one who happened to write about sports. I would say his move to the New York Magazine (or wherever) was anticipated, because he was simply too talented to be wasting his time on some blog -- gross. But that can't be true, because he turned Deadspin into every bit as much a prestigious writing institution, at least among a non-trivially sized demographic that happens to include me, as any rag he'd later join.

Now for the part that Punter predicted, where we can't help but talk about ourselves. Everyone who reads this site knows what Deadspin is and exactly seven people who read Deadspin know what this site is, so know how ridiculous I feel congratulating Leitch, as if he knew or cared or needed the likes of me to say cheers and tits. But the two praises I'll sing for Deadspin are:

1. Connection with his site is largely the metric by which the rest of us scrubs measure our success. A good day of blogging is one where Leitch says your name. Good blogs have their names said.

2. I can't recall him ever linking here.

If you can judge character well, you'll never fail.

Whatever and wherever he writes, I'll keep reading. Best of luck to Will Leitch.