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Jerry Gray goes to Lubbock

While all seven reader(s) are aware of my passion for Redskins, the truth is that I have two mistresses. I attended and graduated from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, and proudly present myself as a Red Raider to anyone and everyone who will listen. The question of who I love more, Redskins or Red Raiders, is as unanswerable as trying to determine whether God could make a rock too heavy even for him. There is no answer. If you asked me to choose between my Redskins and my Texas Tech, I'd simply flee.

Unfortunately, my two passions rarely meet. There aren't a lot (any?) Texas Tech Red Raiders currently on the Redskins. These are not sports entities with much in common historically. Because of regional disputes, the fine folks (salt of the earth) of Lubbock, Texas hate the Redskins, because here in Texas you root for the Cowboys or the Texans. Even when these programs do meet, no one seems to remember: I've yet to encounter a Texas Tech fan who has, on a first pass, successfully identified the Texas Tech running back who set the Super Bowl record for most rushing yards in a game. It was (an only recently free) feller by the name of Timmy Smith, of Your Washington Redskins and my Texas Tech Red Raiders. He had 204 in SB XXII and probably would've been the MVP if not for a historic performance by Doug Williams. Prison no longer contains him as of March of this year.

Seth from Double T Nation, our resident Tech writer of a blog I frequent almost as much as I do this space, emailed me to say that "This may only interest you" on a story about our own cornerbacks coach Jerry Gray. He's probably correct, and it probably doesn't much interest any of you, either, but Jerry Gray is apparently from Lubbock. And although he attended the University of Texas (BOOOOOOO) his being from the LBK is close enough a connection to post about. And it says:

Now that the Washington Redskins are on a small break before training camp, former Estacado great Jerry Gray is back home in Lubbock, doing some good.

And I know the Estacado because I've visited the Llano Estacado winery in beautiful West Texas.

Link goes to a video that reminds Jerry Gray is a Longhorn (BOOOOOO) but his better half, bless her soul, is from Texas Tech like all the rest of us good folks. And -- you guys know I love this stuff -- Jerry Gray is providing a scholarship for five Texas Tech students via a golf tournament. Find out more at the Jerry Gray Foundation.

Thanks once more to Double T Nation for the hat tip, and here's a gratuitous Texas Tech video because I watch these things daily. Enjoy the greatest offense in College Football:

Michael Crabtree.