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Interactive hair cuttery or "it's been too long since I posted about Chris Cooley"

It's been too long since I posted about Chris Cooley. With that in mind, please enjoy either this Todd Yoder blog entry at the CC website over good/bad/UGLY pranks:

The latest in this line of pranks was the placement of someone’s car keys in an empty Gatorade bottle; the bottle was then filled with urine and frozen. Defrosting piss can be a daunting task just to recover your keys. Not to mention the psychological damage that it has incurred with the thought that every time you start your car you are touching keys that have been immersed in another man's piss.






That's some hate(rade). In any event, I've now googled frozen urine and came up with these interesting facts: 1) Your piss freezes at -5 C , 2) frozen piss is also a useful means of beating drug tests.

Or you could enjoy Cooley with Dale, Jr. at the track probably to be posted somewhere else on this site later. I'm not even a NASCAR fan, but I've now made two consecutive posts referencing the sport.

No, the real point of this post is to discourage young man below from cutting off his hair:

This is democracy. Some people selfishly decide that, hey, I'm going to go cut my hair without consulting thousands of strangers via the internet. Chris Cooley says balderdash to all that because he believes in you America anyone with an internet connection, and trusts you to make crucial grooming decisions on behalf of others. Notice the hair above? He asks:

Should he Cut the Cooley Fro off?

This space says no, and no is winning as of this writing 602 (includes me) for keeping the shag and 165 for cutting.

I've got nothing else today.