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Demetric Evans wants to save you MOOOOOOONEY!!!!

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This post was too timely not to write, given that I recently found myself in the market for a new vehicle and owed some positive blog-space to Demetric Evans for questioning his future with the team as recently as yesterday. I didn't get to say all I wanted in yesterday's post, but let me quickly express appreciation for what Evans has done in Washington. He has been a consistent and reliable backup on a defense that has been very, very strong in three of the four years he's been with the team. His part in all that should not be ignored, which is why Redskins 360 (probably correctly) predicted him as a lock to make the team.

It turns out Demetric Evans is an intern at a car dealership :

Evans took an internship at Infinity of Tysons Corner in order to learn everything about the automobile business. He has always been one to make the most of every opportunity...

Evans said he's not really a car guy but he has spent time studying the industry during NFL-sponsored programs at the Harvard and Northwestern business schools.

The suggested long-term plan is for Evans to eventually own a dealership. I don't know how quickly one can make the leap from intern to owner, but I presume it's much quicker for those few individuals blessed with million dollar incomes over the past few years and a name relatively popular amongst the locals.

This isn't actually "news." DC Sports Bogger and highly approvable Washington Post reporter Dan Steinberg already had her (the story, that is):

Anyhow, Evans has never had a "real job," although he's already interned for a TV station in Texas and taken seminars for NFL players at the Harvard Business School and Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management. He's also got an offseason reading list; this year's entries included "Enough" by Juan Williams. His wife has questioned his motives--"she thinks I'm up there trying to get a dealer car," he joked--and almost none of his teammates know about his new job. I suggested his time might be better spent at the beach, but Evans demurred.

Having lost my own auto, I wouldn't begrudge Evans one bit were he just there trying to get a great deal on a brand new Infiniti. As for the reading... pretty heavy stuff, from the looks of it. Certainly heavier than anything I'd hoped to blog about this morning after settling on an article about our backup defensive end interning at a car dealership. I had planned on ending with a campy car dealership commercial -- there's no other kind -- via youtube, but this is as good a chance to post my current favorite commercial as ever:


It's cars, right? When it comes to Skin Patrol, the story ends with Skin Patrol putting Skin Patrol into the wall. (Tragically, true story.)

For all you NASCAR fans, make sure to spend some time at our very own Restrictor Plate This. I think RPT is just a little bit too down on Kyle Busch, but besides that it's a phenomenal racing blog, if you're into that kind of thing.

Also, soliciting advice from reader(s) on what I should purchase as far as a new vehicle is concerned. My spending limit is some amount less than "quality" but more than "may cause exploding" if only by a nose. Have at it.