Chris Cooley Rescues us From Offseason & Randoms

[Note by Skin Patrol, 06/17/08 7:28 AM EDT ] Promoted in part to let reader(s) know that I'm still here. I should start posting again this evening, real life concerns have really eaten my time. In any event, enjoy CptChaosSidekick's post (I don't know what we'd do without him). Edited slightly.

With all the Redskins news flying around it sure is hard to pick what to blog about...ok so not really but leave it to Chris Cooley to be his usual self, and pump some awesomeness into the dull offseason. He mentioned at his blog The Cooley Zone that he wanted readers to come up with ten original questions for Jason Campbell. The readers, like good Redskins fans, responded to the challange with flying colors. My personal favorite excerpt from the Q&A:

3. Jason, have you ever smelled the back of your left hand (the one that's securely lodged under the center's sweaty butt crack the entire game) after a game? I would imagine that hand would have to go through a thorough decontamination process after every game and practice. For everyone to know if you don’t take a bath your butt crack stinks and I think that's what Rabach does to me. Imagine sweating for 2 hours and you're Casey Rabach and you're really hairy and stinky. Rabach has even farted on my hand which is a feelin that never really wears off. I can actually feel it while we’re doing this interview right now. After each practice and game the first thing I do is wash my hands of all that chaotic stuff running off his sweaty, nasty body.

As some of you fellows know Yahoo Sports blog, Shutdown Corner,  hosts Cooley once a week. This past week Cooley blogged about Strahan's retirement. We all love his blogs but this one might be my favorite due to rare player insight:

The Redskins faced the Giants later last season on a miserable windy day in New York. Before we handed the Giants their second-to-last loss preceding the Super Bowl, a Big Blue hand fell on my shoulder. Michael Strahan was there to tell me congrats on making my first Pro Bowl and then something I will always remember: "Good luck." Then he looks toward my eyes and says, "You deserve everything, Cooley. You're a great player." 

Well it's been pond water slow for Redskins news which isn't all bad because so far, the players have kept their collective noses clean, but the offseason has just started so we'll see how that plays out. Rookie signings are supposed to ramp up into second gear this week which is awesome, especially since 4th round CB Justin Tryon and 7th round S Chris Horton have already inked deals.

I'll post Redskins content when they come available.