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Get one safety, lose another

I heard the news today oh boy:

The Redskins have signed rookie safety Chris Horton, the team announced on Thursday. Horton was the Redskins' seventh-round draft pick in last April's NFL Draft.

To make room for Horton on the roster, the Redskins released safety Justin Hamilton.

The team is securing safety depth, ostensibly in recognition that Kareem Moore may end up on injured reserve. Or maybe I just made that up.

There will be no more uninspired commentary in this post unless reader(s) provide it below. I am in a foul mood, my spirits are limbo-winning low; I was in a car accident earlier today and have spent most of the day dealing with it. I will spend substantial time tomorrow dealing with it, even though I am going out of town. Yeehoo.

You're on your own until Monday. The inmates are running the prison, psychos the ward, peasents the castle, etc. Sorry.