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Zorn the Masochist

Jason Campbell "tweaked" his hamstring at practice and head coach Jim Zorn couldn't be happier. From the article:

"I have him sinking down a little bit," Zorn said. "It’s a change, and so I was kind of excited about it—not that he tweaked his hamstring, but just the fact that different things are happening."

Kind of excited? More like hella excited. That's right... I went with hella.

AOL Fanhouse also has the story. And they lead with "it is a bit unusual when a head coach is actually pleased when he starting quarterback gets hurt." A bit? More like... you guessed it, hella unusual. Now, I understand that Zorn is changing some of the things JC does, especially pre-snap, but it doesn't seem very productive to have him to the point of tweaking his hamstring. I wonder if the QBs in Seattle got injured after working with Zorn...

The article also mentions ARE and his knee's floating-body-freeness. And after a few days, we might have found out what those floating bodies actually were:

Randle El said the knee was swollen after minicamp practice Saturday. An MRI found loose cartilage, possibly the residual effects of getting the knee banged in a couple of games last season, and he had arthroscopic surgery Monday.

Yep, I'm letdown. Floating bodies totally built up for something, well, hella exciting. A lot more exciting things than "loose cartilage" can be described as floating bodies.

Oh, and hella kinda buried in the article was the tidbit about the fact that "running back Clinton Portis sat out with a minor hip flexor strain." Now, it has been suggested that Portis might have hurt himself racing Landry, but, for now at least, I'm not buying it. Even Jason Reid over at the Redskins Insider quotes Zorn as suggesting it was the race, but I still think this is more of a veteran-getting-out-of-the-last-day-of-practice-for-a-while thing than a Landry-ran-me-right-out-of-my-hip thing. Maybe its just me.

That's it for now, enjoy your Mother's Day weekend. (Yes, that was me reminding you to go buy some lame card or flower to appease your mother on the one day a year that she specifically gets to be appeased, despite the fact that we all know that mothers are appeased 24/7/365. And yes, it is a made up holiday, just like Valentine's Day, where you have to buy some worthless piece of crap to somehow "prove" that you care for you mother. But do it anyway because the alternative is so much worse. I mean, I got over it without being bitter about it... and you can to.)

In other injury-related news, SP was finishing up school this week, so I'm sure he's off in some gutter somewheres. Wish him luck.