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Redskins robble robble robble

It's been a minute since I've done one of these, so here's what is flossing around the Redskins internet world. First up is Chris Mottram over at Mr. Irrelevant, commenting on the Portis/Landry 500:

Portis and Landry had a disagreement during practice over the weekend. The topic of contention: Who is faster. So, they decided to settle the dispute in the safest possible manner: Push their hamstrings to the brink in a meaningless 40-yard race while the Zorn Star was preoccupied with reporters.

Incidentally, Landry jokingly said something inaudible about his hamstring after the race. I don't think he was the least bit serious. I can't join Chris in complaint over the way these guys are treating their bodies, first and foremost because these kinds of things make for great print, and secondly because they aren't playing badminton. (Although with all the hamstring injuries from last year, I can't very well blame Chris for his concern either.)

Per Redskins 360 comes some info on remaining salary cap moneys:

The Redskins' rookie pool is $4.544 million, leaving them with about $3 million to spend on veteran free agents and for a reserve fund to replace players who are injured during the season.

Also, Vinny sets the timeline on when we'll begin negotiations with the rookie class: we'll start next month.

Excellent news per the Official Site on Reed Doughty, who had a good excuse to miss mini camps:

Doughty left Redskins mini-camp on Sunday to go to a local hospital to be with [his son] Micah, who developed a fever over the weekend.

Micah underwent a kidney transplant earlier this year, complicating matters.

It turned out that Micah's fever was unrelated to the transplant. As of Monday afternoon, Micah's condition had improved. He is expected to be released from the hospital in a day or two.

Thrilled that his son is ok. This time last year Micah was battling for his life. I can't imagine (sonless, childless) the stress that puts on a player who is already in an intensely competitive environment. Doughty used it:

The urgency to take care of his son has driven Doughty hard to secure an NFL future.

And used it well. His position with the team 12 months ago was tenuous, and now, as far as I can tell, he's the starting safety. It's probably a misnomer to say that he's filling the shoes of Sean Taylor, as it was really LaRon Landry shifted to Taylor's old position, but Doughty made his way into the depth chart and he's done an admirable job since. I wish him and his family the best.

Ugh, per AOL Fanhouse comes some news on Fred Davis and a dreadful comparison:

The Washington Post's Jason Reid writes that "some draft evaluators reported that USC tight end Fred Davis exhibited poor work habits and made questionable decisions at times." The Redskins considered him too much of a talent to pass up, and three days into his NFL career, Davis missed practice...

In the scheme of things, this is nothing. Of course, that's what people said when Brandon Lloyd first starting acting out.

One can only hope that Davis' acting out is a result of youth that can be fixed with proper coaching. We've got a lot of leaders on this team, one in particular at that position, and hopefully if there are lingering "work habits" issues, they can be hammered out.

Speaking of the leader, he's probably going to become the banner carrier of all bloggers, everywhere. Now that Captain Chaos has joined us in our mother's basement, he's not afraid to take on anyone as a blogger. He's also a lot bigger than most bloggers, so that works too:

PTI talked about my last Yahoo post and I would like to say thanks for not talking too much shit about me on ESPN. I mean come on Tony, I make it to the pro bowl and the least I can get out of you is “a mid-round pick” with a load of sarcasm. Was that because you “hate” bloggers?

It was just a couple of months ago that Michael Wilbon threatened to beat down Dan Steinberg. The full exchange:

MW: You like that? see I'm gonna go South Side on you, Cheeseboy [Dan Steinberg is Cheeseboy], I'm gonna come and beat you down.

Cindy Boren: Nooooo.

MW: And it can be done. So I won't have to blog, I won't have to write about you, I won't have to talk about you. Just a beat down.

TK: That was good

CB: But you're skinny now, you can't beat on people.

TK: He can beat the Cheeseboy.

CB: I don't know....

TK: How big is the Cheeseboy? Wait a second, do I have this wrong, the last time I saw the Cheeseboy--now granted that's a long time ago--he looked like a kid in 'Into the Wild' after a while. He didn't weigh anything. Am I wrong on that?

CB: He's a vegetarian, you know.

MW: He's a what?

CB: A vegetarian.

MW: A sportswriter who's a vegetarian? That's another reason.

TK: Wilbon wants to beat him down.

MW: I'm gonna come beat you down.

Cooley is going to be on Blog Show later today so maybe Dan Steinberg can convince him to return the rhetorical favor. The important thing to remember in all this is that Chris Cooley is still blogging, and therefore all is right in the world.

Jason has the newest Redskins signings:

The Redskins announced that they've signed QB Derek Devine, the 6-3, 222-pound former Marshall QB who signed as a rookie free agent with Seattle in 2007 and was released before the season, and safety Patrick Ghee, who also signed as a rookie free agent with the Seahawks in 2007 and was released before the season.

Camp fodder and I will be impressed if either of them makes it beyond the practice squad. The cuts were Alonzo Dotson, Bret Meyer, Kevin Mitchell, and Justin Scott. Second commenter notes that the two guys signed both heave a Seattle connection.

Hog Heaven's Greg Trippiedi has five Redskins he thinks could breakout in 2008. They are: Landry, Montgomery, Demetric Evans, McIntosh, and Heyer. Not a bad list, though I hope Heyer doesn't breakout in 2008 as that would be contingent on an injury to one of the starters. I think Evans is probably a situational relief rusher and isn't going to develop into more though I hope I'm wrong. Of the five, I like Mt. Gomery to develop the most, so we're quoting on him:

Anthony Montgomery

After Landry, Montgomery’s development is by far the most critical, both on the team level and a personal level. He’s going to be playing the nose position again this year on defense, and he’s surrounded on defense by the following:

3 players who are contributors, but past their prime (Springs, Fletcher, Daniels)
2 players on the back end of their primes (Washington, Griffin)
2 players in their prime, but are coming off career years (Carter, Smoot)
2 players who are young and largely unproven (Doughty, McIntosh)
LaRon Landry

You could throw Montgomery in the young and unproven group, but he’s proven himself, at least at his current role of anchoring at the point of attack. That’s good enough to hold his job. However, if the Redskins are to avoid a collapse of the front seven, they will need the young guy, Montgomery, to improve his game into other areas. He’s got the skills to be a decent pass rusher, and the Redskins need to see that. Otherwise, it’s all about consistency with Montgomery. Can he be an every down player? Or will Phillip Daniels need to spell him on passing downs. He’s in a (restricted) contract year, so 1.5 million dollars depends on it.

Typical Greg Trippiedi, it is excellent, entertaining analysis to get you through the offseason, and there's loads more over at Hog Heaven that I haven't shamelessly ripped to my own site.

I'm studying for my last final (Thursday) for the rest of the day and tomorrow. Entertain yourselves in the comments section here, fanposts on the right, or in fanshots, which are really growing on me. Sometimes a good story speaks for itself and doesn't need my endless pontification, so you'll be seeing me promote a lot of fanshots to the front page since it saves me time while simultaneously getting the word out on stories Redskins fans and reader(s) care about. Have at them. Remember, though, that Fanshots aren't only for links or videos; you can do lists, chats, quotes, or images. Take full advantage.