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Welcome to The Show, Rookie

Well, new Head Coach Jim Zorn's first mini-camp went without a hitch... except if you consider one of your brand new rookies over-sleeping a hitch. Taking off from where CaptChaosSidekick begins with his so very minimalist "not a good sign," we dive right into the article:

"Everybody was scouring," coach Jim Zorn said after the practice. "Nobody heard from him, so there was one of two scenarios: either there was some real trouble and we needed to find him, or he screwed up. I haven’t even got to talk to him yet. I know he has been found. I believe it is more in the ‘I screwed up’ category."

That's one way to make a first impression on your new employer. To his credit, Zorn played it off as no big thing... but you have to think that Davis is going to get a firm talking to at the very least. Oh, and its a good thing that it happened in mini-camp... because, uh, I'm sure the veterans on the team will let it go and forget it by training camp. Or, at least by the preseason. Or, at the very latest, never. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Davis has 50 some odd alarm clocks in his locker at this very moment.

The most interesting (if subtle) part of the article is also from Zorn:

"He just had a setback," the coach said. "Hopefully everybody will learn from the lesson that he is having to learn right now about what it is going to take to get to a place on time, to be responsible."

Now, you could very well read over that as just a slip of the tongue. But I think that was a very deliberate, and very clever, way of warning the whole team that things of this nature won't be tolerated. Young people make silly errors in judgement (like driving drunk into New Mexico with an ex-stripper to pick up what might or might not be her child whom she might or might not have joint custody of and bringing said child back across state lines) and young football players also make the same types of errors in judgement. That's why they're called rookie mistakes. You just hate to see your one freebee burned before the summer. Or before signing a contract even.

In any case, that was the big news of the training camp. That and the Clinton Portis - LaRon Landry footrace. Read more over at Redskins Insider. The winner? Depends on who you ask. Smoot claims Landry... but he's such a DB homer, he can't be trusted. Rock Cartwright called it a very diplomatic tie. (What is this, a montessori pre-school?) The article takes Landry's side. But Zorn was already talking rematch:

They'll race again. I bet it's not over.

By the way, who you got in a 40 yard sprint? Portis is sneeky fast... but Landry's just straight up fast. Oh, and that was right after Zorn denied Portis's request that it count as an OTA. Not on Zorn's watch.

That's it for now. Hit up the comments.

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