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Some guy is on a serious podcast and he talks Redskins

Some nasal guy, might be me, talked Redskins football with the guys over at... FootballGuys. That's being added to the sidebar, and here are some testimonials to convince you that these people are legit (and thus I'm legit by association! See what I did there?)

There are all kinds of fantasy football updates that pop into my computer or onto my blackberry. Most I simply delete. But not the Footballguys newsletter. When it shows up, I sit down and read. And learn

Adam Schefter
Analyst, NFL Network

See? It's no joke. I'm told The Audible (a FootballGuys podcast) is the most popular football show on iTunes. And if you go here, you'll see:

May 30 2008
2008 Volume#123a - Interview with Will Allensworth from Hogs Haven. (#472)
In This Episode: Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom interview Will Allensworth from Topics Include: how is Erasmus James going to fit in, will this be the true breakout year for Jason Campbell, can Colt Brennan be the QB of the future, a discussion about the new weapons in the passing game, plus more!

Link to the actual podcast here.

In it you can find insightful comments from yours truly, such as: The 2008 draft reflects a philosophical shift in draft philosophy.

Huh. A philosophical shift in philosophy, yea? Are there other kinds, Will? I'm not s-m-r-t.

If you're interested in the Football Guys, you can explore their site linked above (and going on the blogroll shortly) or watch them here in this familiar draft profile of current Redskin Kerry Brown:


The two gentlemen on the other side of the interview are the ones above talking about and with Kerry Brown.

Anyways... I thought the questions were much better than the answers and was incredibly flattered to be included in a serious, legitimate podcast. If you're really starved for football podcasts, find their archives here.

Let me have it in the comments; you always do.