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Jason Campbell injury update

Matt Mosley at his Hashmarks blog had an NFC sized injury update today with the good (or bad) word on Jason Campbell. As reader(s) are well aware, Campbell injured his hammy earlier this offseason. It went something like this:

Next step: Zorn has Campbell working hard to bend his knees and stay low while dropping back. It's still a bit awkward for Campbell and might have led to the hamstring pull. Campbell will be the unquestioned starter, but he might not have much margin for error following Todd Collins' impressive performance last season.

Interesting note on that last bit. I was impressed with the manner Collins came in and owned the offense last season though attributed much of that success to his familiarity with a system. I am not trying to take anything away from Todd, but I wonder if lightning will strike twice under a new coaching staff and playbook that he hasn't worn as a second skin for years.

I also look at our earlier schedule -- especially the fact that three of our first five games are road battles with division rivals -- and wonder whether it is the best idea to keep your starting quarterback on a short leash. I don't think Campbell's performance through those three games will be an honest indication of his development under this system (unless all goes well, of course) enough such that one can throw in the towel on him. I almost expect us to struggle a bit, offensively, in those three games. If there isn't "much margin of error" I think that margin should consider the context under which he is or isn't struggling.

Mosley points out that Zorn doesn't anticipate Campbell's injury to be something he carries into the regular season; Jason, as Hashmarks points out, does not have a substantial bad-hamstring history.