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Cooley is Albright's backup and other randomness

Yahoo! Sports has a weekly rundown on all the NFL teams, and the report for your Washington Redskins came out today. Inside it is all sorts of fun information, like how Buges is defending Jansen and Thomas against calls of their untimely demise and how Zorn says that Alexander might have to go both ways... again.

But the best part of the article is the closing quote, from special teams coach Danny Smith regarding Cooley:

"He’s a knucklehead. He messes with me all the time. He’ll say, ‘Do you want to see it? Do you want to see it?’ I say, ‘No, we’ll work it tomorrow’ and he’ll snap three perfect ones, laugh his butt off and go. The kid can do anything."—Special teams coach Danny Smith on Pro Bowl tight end Chris Cooley being one of his emergency long snappers along with right tackle Jon Jansen.

Yes, Cooley is Ethan Albright's backup. Yes, that is Ethan "I'm the worst fucking player on Madden" Albright. This is an interesting part of the depth chart that I didn't know. I wonder who, between Cooley and Jansen, is 2nd string and who is really, really the emergency backup long snapper.

Think it is a concidence he's talking to the kicker? (Image from here.)

Anyways, that's your Redskins news for now. I've got to go get ready for apartment hunting and then work. Oh, and Danny Smith, yes Cooley can do anything.