Fred Davis, Blunder or Brilliance?

I figured I'd add my two cents on the most dramatic action this offseason, the pick of Fred Davis and his subsequent slumber.

Burning a second round pick so we can have two pass catching tight ends, neither of whom are the Lorenzo Alexander of blockers, on one team?

    At first blush this pick seemed to be over the top. Why get another tight end who is projected to be just like our hero, Cap'n Chaos, especially when faced with a dearth of youth at DE/OL? Aside from the fact that he was the best athlete on the board at the time, it's likely that he will be our only rookie that makes an immediate impact this year. Thomas and Kelly may be great football players, but are likely to be effective only after a season or two of fine tuning, or in the unwelcome event that one of our main WRs goes down and one of the rooks successfully steps up.


    On the other hand, Fred Davis was already practicing and making impressive plays with the first team. His presence allows greater QB protection by providing us with a tight end threat while keeping Cooley in to pass block (assuming Davis fails to become the blocking beast that he is destined to become). It also allows the skins to move Cooley out into the slot while keeping safeties in to block Fred, which could be invaluable in spreading out the run game and letting Portis use his speed to break into the second level (I like the idea of running off tackle plays with Cooley lining up in the slot). Two vertical threats at TE means that teams with a traditional run stuffing strong safety are going to be exposed. Think of Dallas and Roy Williams getting burned over and again. Its also frees up Cooley in the endzone by providing another redzone threat. Lastly, if Cooley goes down and there is no Fred Davis, we would be left with Yoder and the ever injured Ecker. With Fred, there should be much less of a hiccup should CC go down.


    Basically we could have drafted a good project at D line who would be a convincing backup for years to come, or Fred, who gives us yet another unique and I daresay dynamic threat on offense (and an immediate one, something we lack with our other draft picks). His positives will be synergetically better on this team than his skills would indicate, and his value will be increased rather than decreased by his juxtaposition to CC. As much as I'd love to have plugged some holes at DL and OL, I can't complain about taking Fred in the second, unless he misses practice for beauty sleep again.


Anyone think I'm crazy? Anyone else impressed at my use of the terms synergy and juxtapose in the same sentence?