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Jim Zorn, Dr. Darrell Green, and Dexter Manley get to catch up

First, who is this Dr. Darrell Green? Redskins 360:

Green was introduced as Dr. Darrell Green. Did No. 28 receive a doctorate in the land of the rising sun? No. Green said he has honorary doctorates from George Washington, Marymount and St. Paul's (Va.).

Indeed he does, per Wikipedia which informs me that he received two Doctorates of Humane Letters. Is there anything this man can't do? No, there isn't anything he can't do, up to and including successful use of triple negatives. I model my life after his (except for the part about having talent).

So what's all the hub-bub about?

I [David Elfin of Redskins 360] just got back from a reception in honor of Hall of Fame inductee-to-be Darrell Green given by Japanese ambassador Ryozo Kato. Green and the ambassador became friendly in 2002 when the Redskins were preparing for their preseason game in Osaka and have stayed in touch since.

Mr. Elfin also notes that Jim Zorn, Kedric the Barbarian, and former Redskins Darryl Pounds and Dexter Manchild Manley were all on hand. This provided an excellent opportunity for Manley and Zorn to bond with one another once more, where just decades ago they faced each other on the field (I believe in 1983 the Redskins and Seahawks played each other while both Manley and Zorn were on their respective teams) in an episode I'm now calling "Hey weren't you that guy who tried to pay my running backs coach to fumble back in the dizzay?" Dan Steinberg tells it better in a collection of truly print worthy quotes (Mr. Irrelevant approves) from Dexter Manley who, like Darrell Green, was also a Doctor (his was an honorary degree from the University of Dexter Manley, where he received his doctorate under the pseudonym Dr. D). Enjoy, and here's a sampling:

To new Redskins assistant head coach-running backs Stump Mitchell, when he was still an NFL RB, winter of 1983: Dexter Manley, the Redskins' all-pro defensive end, surprised Cardinals running back Stump Mitchell with his ever-active mouth today. Just before the Cardinals scored a first-half touchdown, Mitchell said Dexter the prankster offered him $5,000 to fumble the ball. Presumably, he was joking. But, even for Manley, that was a tad outrageous.

If by outrageous you mean bodacious and by tad you mean totally, yea, I'd agree. Andre Carter take note, although I wonder how many running backs will be willing to accept payment in the form of formerly collected souls. With the dollar in the dumps, anything is possible.

Congrats to Doctor Green on his much deserved reception in his honor. Enough good things cannot be said of this man and I continue to sing his praises to anyone willing to listen.