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Mini Camp mayhem

The Redskins started day one of mini camp today (I uhhh... almost missed it) and updates are being posted at light speed by Gary Fitzgerald over at the official site. He does good work and if you take the time to visit, you'll notice, among other things:

  • Jersey numbers for some of the new rookies, though caveated with the knowledge that they may change. Good luck numbers? Devin Thomas sports Mark Rypien's 11. Durant Brooks channels 1950s Redskins hero Eddie LeBaron (traitored to Dallas, though) with #14.
  • We have three additional tight ends working out with the team on a tryout basis. Uhhhhh. We have Chris Cooley, we drafted Fred Davis, we drafted Tyler Ecker a year ago, Todd Yoder played just fine last year, Mike Sellers does whatever he wants all the time because he's awesome... how many tight ends are we going to need Coach?
  • Duran Brooks was the first player on the field. Prediction: Derrick Frost will be the first one off.
  • Speaking of Ecker, injuries are keeping him sidelined... again. His future with the team was questionable when we drafted Fred Davis, looked worse when we brought in a bunch of tryout tight ends, and now looks to be in critical condition. Tough break.

[Note by TexSkins, 05/02/08 12:54 PM CDT ] Fitzgerald found out the news on Ecker. From his live blog:

Confirmed from Jim Zorn that Tyler Ecker has re-aggravated his groin. That's why he's not participating in mini-camp.

Not good for his chances to make the team. He must have a very fragile groin. Groin jokes are now strongly encouraged.

I'm sure Gary will keep that thread updated throughout the day, so don't bother waiting around here for the good word. He's there. I'm not.

This one's for Ach; Colt's not participating in minicamp, but that doesn't mean you can't watch him in slow motion with cluster fuck graphics threatening seizures, all put to popular but totally non-topical music. Dude threw a lot of touchdown passes, so the video never actually, uhh, ends. Enjoy: