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Coach Zorn has not changed the rushing offense at all

I don't know how newsworthy this is as I recall reading something to this effect a while ago, but just to remind, per a Mike Sellers Q&A:

Q: Does it help that the terminology of the running game is the same as last year?
A: "Well, that's pretty much half the offense right there. For us, it makes it easier. It makes it less of a learning curve. All we have to learn is the passing part of the offense. It's just a matter of getting the pass routes down. It's why everybody is moving forward so fast."

He goes farther, I'll emphasize:

Q: Is there enough of a smash-mouth element to this offense?
A: "Like I just said, we still have the same running game from last year. It's exactly the same. Nothing has changed, so I'll still be doing the same [blocking] that I'm normally doing. It's just the passing game that's different."

The story also says Mike Sellers is listing 284 pounds this season (at 6'3). Pro Bowler Mack Strong, by comparison, lists 253. (Pete Schmitt is 252, he's got room to grow.) I'm not saying that our DEs need to be larger, but Mike Sellers is at least bigger than any of ours, and he's carrying substantial weight over any linebacker who dares stand between Clinton Portis and the 2nd level of the opposing defense. Mike Sellers is large, in charge, and will eat up would-be tacklers alive.