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The 2008 NFL Power Rankings... in May

[Note by TexSkins, 05/12/08 2:57 PM CDT ] Skin Patrol types faster and writes better.

As part of the plan to create sports news (specifically NFL news) when there is none to feed to global machine that is ESPN, the Mouse Ear NFL Division has released the first (of many) versions of the NFL Power Rankings.

There are some interesting things here. First, the top NFC team in May is the NFL Champion New York (football) Giants the Dallas Cowboys? Wait... you're telling me that the team that won the Super Bowl and has only added pieces is not only the second best team in their conference, they're the second best team in their division? Is it because TO is now a TV Star? Or is it because Romo butchered "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at Wrigley worse than Harry Carey ever did? I mean, it has to be something like that, since it can't be on the field where the Giants won... in Dallas... in the playoffs... before winning the Super Bowl.

I mean, I can understand having the Patriots, Colts and even the Chargers ahead of the Giants. I don't like it, but I can understand it. But I think you almost have to have the Super Bowl champs in the top 5 in May, don't you?

From the ESPN article:

Our voters, who also include staff writer John Clayton and Scouts Inc. Insiders Jeremy Green and Keith Kidd, had diverse takes on what offseason moves mean to various teams. The Titans ranked as high as 10th in one voter's opinion, but rated only 22nd in another's. The defending champion Giants are the best team in the league, according to one selector; another ranks nine teams ahead of Big Blue.

Now, on to your Washington Redskins, who are 14th... one behind the Eagles in May. As Matt Mosley, one of many Dallas Cowsheep transplanted in Bristol even though he still lives in Dallas who wrote the blurbs for the NFC East puts it:

Too many questions: a new coach, young QB and a pair of rookie WRs. Hard to get a good read. (MM)

And by "hard to get a good read" he means last place in the NFC East in May. They are ahead of some playoff teams (Bucs, Titans) and in e top half of the rankings... but not by much: the Bucs are #15 (end of the top half) and the Titans are #16. So, basically, this means the football experts in May have the Reskins at, what? 8-8, 7-9? They don't specifically put a record down... but to finish last in your division and to be the 14th best team, and 8th in the NFC, means you are about middle of the pack.

I don't specifically disagree with the 14th overall ranking and predicition a 4th place NFC East finish in May for the Redskins, but I do have a problem with almost all of the rankings... from about #4 down. But that's it for now. What says ye?