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Jason Campbell Classic

Jason Campbell officially a starting quarterback in the NFL now that he has his own golf classic. Redskins 360 is due credit for the story, and other excellent minutiae:

Jason Campbell joined a huge list of NFL starting quarterbacks who have their own charity golf tournaments when he hosted the Jason Campbell Classic at Lowes Island Club in Fairfax County...

Campbell said Cooley is the best golfer on the Redskins and Frost is a close second. Told of this Frost said that wasn't saying much. And out on the course, I got what Frost was saying. It wasn't pretty.

Said Campbell beforehand: "I'm scared for a lot of people standing around these players. A club may fly out of a guy's hands, there might be 10 balls in the water. Some of these guys, it's their first time playing."

More is promised in today's Times. Jason also talked briefly about the new wide receivers though his comments are largely predictable; he's happy. Groin injuries were contagious last year preventing us from fielding our best receivers at any given moment. No such bad luck this year (I'm hoping) though we can weather the groin storm better with the addition of Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas.

I'm testing our Player Info widget:

Jason Campbell

#17 / Quarterback / Washington Redskins




Well that's kind of neat.