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Redskins scheduled to meet with WR Malcolm Kelly

Update [2008-4-9 17:4:12 by Skin Patrol]: Per Brian of Buffalo Rumblings, Kelly struggled at his pro day and could fall more than is currently projected, thus increasing the likelihood that he's available at #21. Assuming that to be the case, some or all of the below commentary is dated. More awesomely sordid details of Kelly's pro day available here; he's blaming OU, at least in part.
Per Dayton Daily News, emphasis added:
the agent for Sooners wide receiver Malcolm Kelly confirmed the Bengals will fly Kelly to Cincinnati for a private meeting immediately after he works out in front of NFL scouts at OU's Everest Indoor Training Center.

Kelly is also scheduled to meet with the Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins later in the week. And, yes, the dag-gum Buffalo Bills are also very interested in Kelly.

I don't know if Kelly will be available by the 21st pick in the draft, so maybe this raises questions about whether the team is considering trading up (shouldn't it be down, though, as a trade from 21 to some number below 21 would necessarily include moving downards? 21>20>19...) to acquire Kelly. I should note that what I've just said is total and absolute speculation and not at all an attempt on my part to spark rumors. As likely as their intent to move down in the draft is simply a team doing its proper due diligence on a player that could conceivably fall to them. If you really want insight into the team's drafting intents, don't take my word for it. Just go read it directly from Vinny Cerrato's mouth (hat tip PFT). Some quotes of note:
Holding many selections and hoping to bolster several areas on the roster, the Redskins are seeking "quality and quantity," Cerrato said. "What we need to do, because we're going to have a lot of picks this year, we need to have a good draft where we're adding an influx of young guys on the team.

"Instead of just adding a couple of guys this time, we need [a draft] where we're adding quantity and quality guys. We need talented guys that can initially play a role and have the potential to become starters. And the biggest thing you need is good people.

"Is that a lot? Yeah. But we feel like we're in good shape. We're not looking for these young guys to come in here and start. And with our team right now, it would be difficult for a young guy to do that."