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Redskins sign WR/KR Mathis

The Redskins signed their first free agent (outside of their own free agents) of the offseason in the form of former Pro Bowl KR Jerome Mathis.

Meet your new KR.  (P.S. The official site has it, so it's official.)

Casserly took the home whites with him to Houston. (Image from here.)

I'm not sure what this means for Rock Cartwright, who was brought back earlier in the offseason and has been the main kick return guy for the team.  Mathis was never much of a recieving threat in Houston (the team who drafted him) so I have to view this as signing him to be a KR.  He is wicked fast (like 4.31 fast), and in his 2005 Pro Bowl season, he had 54 kickoff returns for 1542 yards and 2 TDs, plus 12 punt returns for 68 yards.  As a WR that year, he had only 5 receptions for 65 yards (13.0 yard per catch average) and only has 6 receptions in his career.

Part of that is because he's injury prone.  He played 12 games in 2005, missed all of 2006 and played only 3 games last season.  His injuries are the main reason Houston let him leave.  He's had some run-ins with the law, as documented in the Yahoo! article above, but apparently all charges have either been settled or dropped.

I'm really not sure what to make of this.  The article doesn't mention money, but I'm guessing it can't be much (if anything) above the minimum.  

Thoughts, concerns comments?