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The Redskins Edition of Where are They Now?

With so little news of the Redskins this offseason, I think it's time we took a look at where some former Redskins either are, or might be, landing.  The following names are just a few... and have been in the news this week.

First up, everyones favorite head-butting quarterback: that's right sports fans, Gus "I knocked myself out of a starting QB job in Washington because I played head-butt-chicken with a concrete wall and lost" Frerotte.  

I'm not even sure this is him... but this is how I like to remember him. (Image from here.)

Well, at least I spelled his name right.  Anyway, Frerotte signed a "multi-year" deal with the Minnesota Vikings.  He is there to puch Tavaris Jackson... and replace him, if necessary.  Let's just hope the Vikings protect their investment and put padding up on all the walls behind each end zone.  Wouldn't want to see a valuable commodity go to waste because of a heat-of-the-moment decision, which could negatively effect the franchise for years to come.  Good luck to you, Gus.

Next up, Sage "Skin Patrol overpaid for my rookie card online" Rosenfels.

Come on, you knew I had to show it.

Anyway, the Texans aqpparently would like to trade Sage, and a team that had been interested, the Vikings, just signed Frerotte.  Interesting dilemna.  And then add to that the fact that the Texans just signed QB Quinn Gray and you've got yourself a full-blown controversey.

There's also this rumor that Sage might want to be a starter.  I'm not sure why this is news worthy because you could probably say that about every backup QB in the league... well, except for David Carr.  He's in it for the money.

Good luck to you, Mr. Rosenfels.  May you thrive and prosper (and send SP's rookie card value through the roof) wherever you may land.

I saved the best for last.  Remember a CB named Kenny Wright?  No?  Because Pearland police do.  You can't make this type of stuff up.  By the way, Pearland is just south of Houston.  From the article:

Cleveland Browns defensive back Kenny Wright was arrested Thursday after police said he led them on a quarter-mile foot chase that began in the parking lot of the police station.

Yes, it started at a police station parking lot.  Yes, he ran.  Yes, he (an NFL CB) got caught by police (the advocates of the coffee and donuts diet) within a quartermile.  And yes, he had illegals substances on his person (well, in his car... but the "on his person" just sounds so much more... police-y.)  Again, from the article:

"We had people on scene pretty fast and I believe because of our quick response time and the mental and physical toughness of our officers to catch offenders, we were able to get him in custody quickly and safely," Sgt. Roy Castillo said.

Police said they found 1.875 ounces of marijuana in Wright's vehicle.

Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back there, Sgt. Castillo.  Anyway, all this isn't even the best part.  The best part is his Nick Nolte mugshot.

This is my anti-drug. (Image from here.)

Anyway, that's all I got.  Hit up the comments section.