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Draft news: Skins down on Limas Sweed, up on Aqib Talib

Which reflects sound judgment on their part, because I was up on Limas Sweed but down on Aqib Talib. It is always good news when the team disagrees with me. Because I'm an idiot.

Per Covering the Redskins (which also has a description of a fantastially plotted and executed -- and most importantly humiliating -- April Fool's joke):

As for WR, the Skins appear not to be too hot on Texas speedster Limas Sweed who many believe could be a target for them in the first or second round.. ESPN pitched the idea of CB Aqib Talib from Kansas, Vinny admitted he liked him very much.. I'd be surprised if the Skins went CB in the first round..
I would likewise be surprised if only because I am down on Talib and he's about the best that will be available around there. But it doesn't matter what I think, rather what Vinny thinks, and Bram from CTR is a reliable source. Update your draft expectations accordingly.

On Randy Thomas:

G Randy Thomas was on the show yesterday and said if he was making the pick, he'd take a O or D lineman even if it meant the Skins were drafting his eventual replacement saying this team needs youth on both lines.. Can't say I don't agree.. I like Randy, he's a straight shooter, that's something you will not hear very often, a guy suggesting the best move might be to find the person who will take your job..
I've said it over and over and over again... Randy Thomas is the best offensive linemen on the 'Skins -- which is saying a huge amount, since Jon Jansen and Chris Samuels are both extremely talented offensive linemen. And this speaks to it: he is the definition of a professional. I don't disagree with Randy either, though, in that we definitely need youth on the line sooner rather than later. We aren't even that young at backup guard and tackle, as we're forced to rely on, for instance, Jason Fabini. On that point is Dan Steinberg reacting to the Times' Dan Snyder Q&A:
Here's my second favorite passage:

    Q: You haven't even signed a Jason Fabini-type.

    A: This year's Jason Fabini was Jason Fabini because we re-signed him.

I mean, I've heard dozens of times that "this year's George Mason is George Mason," but never did I think I would learn that this year's Jason Fabini was Jason Fabini.

Or, more importantly, what is a Jason Fabini-type? And if the actual Jason Fabini (who we did re-sign) is less like a Jason Fabini-type player than whatever other player the interviewer had in mind, shouldn't he have just substituted other player's name before -type? Meh.

Which isn't to say I dislike that signing; I think Fabini is a good backup (guy had 14 starts at guard last year). Just temporarily... I question the long term strategy of backing up our 32 year old guard with a 34 year old offensive linemen.

Update [2008-4-3 15:52:17 by Skin Patrol]: More on Fabini, per Redskins 360:

Offensive lineman Jason Fabini... was the only Washington player among the top 25 in performance-based pay for 2007. On the list released by the league today, Fabini[] was awarded $230,042 after playing all but a few snaps at right guard after longtime starter Randy Thomas tore a tricep in Week 2 at Philadelphia.