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Did you know: Chris Cooley is awesome at being awesome?

So I was just cruisng around THE GREATEST WEBSITE IN HISTORY when I stumbled upon an ESPN Magazine video of Clinton Portis vs. Christy Ogilvie (Chris Cooley's fiancee, pronounced fy-ants) in a game of who knows Cooley best where he reveals:

  1. He is awesome at drawing naked women (both Christy and Portis are awarded points)
  2. Clinton Portis thinks Chris Cooley's favorite food is fried snails.
  3. Clinton Portis thinks Name That Tune is Chris Cooley's favorite game show, which hasn't aired since like 1960 and has failed no fewer than three times in being revived.
  4. Cooley would play Deal or No Deal, and his strategy, predictably genius and sound, would be to keep the hottest women around to give him his $1 million. Even though I don't think anyone has ever won, Chris Cooley would definitely win.
  5. Clinton Portis sleeps during meetings; Cooley draws pictures of naked women. This is why we made the playoffs.
It's just good, wholesome television. Enjoy:

AOL Fanhouse, Redskins' Chris Cooley Is Awesome at Drawing Naked Women