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More Draft Reviews

Over at Mocking the Draft, MattMiller is going through a team-by-team review of the draft. He goes through each draft pick and sees how they fit the team and all, which is to say, he goes a little deeper than a simple letter grade. Each one does have a poll question up for other commenters to grade each team's draft, so that might be an interesting thing to watch.

The bad news: he's going alphabetically, which means he should get around to the Skins by about training camp. But it might be worth the wait, because we'll know more about all the players by then anyway. Atlanta and Arizona are up already, and Baltimore is supposed to be up later today.

Also, if you haven't seen them yet, the Redskin Report has two pretty extensive reviews up. The first one (from Lee Gibbons) is here and the second (from Bill) is here. The second review ends with the following:
Next year is going to be big for DL players…. and we still have all of our picks. If this is indicative of what we can do with actual picks, things are looking up!

Interesting stuff. Then you've got Hog Heaven's version of a draft review, which is a little less optimistic than some of the other sites.

Some other sites:

AOL Fanhouse

Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

Covering the Redskins

And then, my personal favorite... Ben over at Curly R... the prodigal son has returned with a fury. He goes pick by pick and breaks it down as only Ben could do. If you do nothing else with the 2008 NFL Draft, go read those write ups. That story should give you plenty to think about, especially those of you who haven't made your Adopt-a-Redskin candidate choice as of yet.

Consider this your heads up.