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Devin "Show Time" Thomas

Let's learn a bit about the Redskins 1st pick of the draft, wide receiver Devin Thomas. First, per DC Sports Bog :

That nickname "Showtime?" Yeah, he has "Show" tattooed on the back of his left arm, and "Time" tattooed on the back of his right arm.

"Sometimes it's 'Show' for short," said his childhood friend, Daynin Blake.

"Matter of fact, his car has personalized license plates that say 'Show.' " his father, Dwight, told me. Yup, the new No. 85 has license plates on his black 2004 Ford Taurus that read "Show."

"Matter of fact, I'm gonna have to renew that plate in July," Dwight said.

"I don't know if you're gonna have to renew that one," Blake pointed out, wisely.

We also find out that Thomas informed his father after the draft that he could quit working, he thought we were maroon and gold (he's been coached, I guess) and he anticipates that he will "put some more fire to this offense that already has a lot of fuel." Note: our offense was not all that great last year, which is why we drafted guys like Devin Thomas, Fred Davis, and Malcolm Kelly on day one.

Redskin Report has an excellent media draft grade review up. Overall our grades are high, but the blurbs have little specifically on Devin Thomas, who may or may not have been the best wide receiver available, and, even so, the Redskins proved pretty wise in trading into the second and still getting him. Covering the Redskins:

So the Skins nab Devin Thomas, a player believed a possible selection at 21 had he fallen to that point in the draft.. Vinny Cerrato had told me numerous times he beleived the draft was very deep at receiver (a need spot if the team couldn't land Chad Johnson/Anquan Boldin etc) in the second and third rounds.. He was very right with no receiver going in the first round..
So they select Thomas..

That was pretty clever, actually. I didn't see a lot of mock drafts, even from the "experts," anticipating every single wide receiver falling to the second round. I was convinced there'd be at least one or two taken by the 21st pick (which probably says more about me than anything). I still think the 1st, 3rd, 5th round for a 2nd, 2nd, and 4th was essentially a wash on paper, but we moved down out of the 1st without giving up anything -- since there is some indication that we could have reasonably taken Thomas there -- and moved up with the other two picks we traded, as a 2nd>3rd and a 4th>5th.

Perhaps some of the best news, from where I'm sitting, regarding the drafting of Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly is that it "Kills Ocho Cinco Rumor Dead". Getting Chad Johnson with the associated costs and headaches wasn't a prospect that had me bouncing up and down, so I'll take a couple of much cheaper, younger, potentially great WRs and consider it a winner.

Thomas had a press conference this morning  that I couldn't watch but will assume for now that all pertinent parts were gathered from the Bog, from above. We've got the youtube of Thomas covered though I encourage reader(s) to go seek out any other videos of the new Redskin and post them in fanshots or fanposts or wherev.

More per

"I think that was the biggest surprise for us, "Redskins head coach Jim Zorn said in a news release. "We were thinking, 'Okay, well we are giving that up to go down and get more choices in the second round,' and then when he was there even in the second round, we got excited about that."

Zorn noted Thomas' speed and size as the deciding factors and says his ability to turn up-field is also intriguing. "I like the fact that he can run after he catches the ball," he said.