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Day 2 Open Thread

[Note by Skin Patrol, 04/27/08 6:30 PM EDT ] With the 249th pick in the draft the Redskins select Chris Horton, safety out of UCLA. He will join Kareem Moore in competing for a spot on the roster, though with only three safeties currently on the team, it isn't unthinkable that both make it. Enjoy guys, and thanks for spending the draft here.

[Note by Skin Patrol, 04/27/08 6:11 PM EDT ] With the 242nd pick of the draft the Redskins select Rob Jackson, DE out of Kansas State. Defensive End was a need and we finally, mercifully addressed it, although this late in the draft there is very little guarantee that Rob will be with the team for long, but best of luck to him.

[Note by Skin Patrol, 04/27/08 3:54 PM EDT ] With the 186th pick the Redskins select Colt Brennan, QB out of Hawaii. We have a Hawaiin Redskins fan on hte site who I am sure is absolutely thrilled with the pick. Guy had sick production in College albeit against lesser talents, the main criticism of him being that he's a system product. His bad showing against Georgia probably caused him to fall this far. The Redskins wanted a young qb to develop under Jason Campbell, and they got one. I think it's good value this deep. Most of you, if you followed CFB at all, are familiar with this guy. But more info available here.

[Note by Skin Patrol, 04/27/08 3:42 PM EDT ] With the 180th pick, the Redskins select Kareem Moore, S out of Nicholls State. We filled a need position since we were not especially deep at safety. I would've taken Josh Barrett and his 4.35 40 time, though. I don't know about this pick whatsoever... Additional information on Moore available here .

[Note by Skin Patrol, 04/27/08 3:19 PM EDT ] We have a punter, Derrick Frost has a problem. With the 168th pick, the Redskins selected Durant Brooks, place kicker out of Georgia Tech. He was the Ray Guy best punter award winner last year. More info here , thanks to CptChaosSidekick. It says that not only is he a Ray Guy award winner, but is apparently close personal friends with the actual Ray Guy. Dude had a 77 yard punt last year. Durant Brooks is the first punter taken, per the talking pictures box.

[is the FIRST Note by Skin Patrol, 04/27/08 2:48 PM EDT ] Trade with St. Louis terms per Redskins Insider is that we traded our 5th (157th) and 7th (228th) for their 6th rounders (168th and 180th). A 5 and a 7 for two 6ths, kind of a wash but the Redskins obviously like the value in the 6th round the way the draft board is filling out.

[Note by Skin Patrol, 04/27/08 2:39 PM EDT ] With the 157th pick the Redskins take... no one. We traded the pick to St. Louis. I will update with terms as soon as I find them.

[Note by Skin Patrol, 04/27/08 1:48 PM EDT ] Make sure you check out both Conquest Chronicles and Crimson and Cream Machine for info on Fred Davis and Malcolm Kelly. We don't have College blogs for all the teams we selected players from, but we do for those guys and the websites are valuable resources for info on two of our first three picks.

[Note by Skin Patrol, 04/27/08 1:40 PM EDT ] Shouting out to my friend Ben at Curly R , his coverage has been great and I'm thrilled to see him back in this blogging business. Here are his thoughts on Chad Rinehart .

[Note by Skin Patrol, 04/27/08 1:11 PM EDT ] Redskins take Justin Tryon, cornerback out of Arizona State with the 124th pick. A need position filled here by a guy I don't know much about but will find out more. Hat tip to CptChaosSidekick for his draft profile available here: word on him is he's a nickel or dime cornerback with questionable upside and hands but great speed, reliable tackling, and plays aggressively.

[Note by TexSkins, 04/27/08 10:01 AM CDT ] With the #96 pick, the Redskins take...Chad Rinehart, OG, Northern Iowa. More info here, courtesy dr WNC.
[Note by TexSkins, 04/27/08 10:58 AM CDT ] Looks like the team traded again... and picked up a 5th rounder. They got what looks like the Titans 4th rounder (#124) and 5th rounder (#157) for the 4th rounder they got from Atlanta yesterday (#103). I'm just going by ESPN's DraftCast. More details later.

[Note by TexSkins, 04/27/08 11:05 AM CDT ] Per Redskin Insider, with a hat tipped at CaptChaosSidekick, the story is true. Trade with the Titans, extra pick in the 5th. 10 total picks for the weekend. (At this point, at least.)

Day 1 was obviously very much Zorn's day. He got all the guys he needs to put a very good offense on the field. Day 2 is all about Vinny, Front Office Campbell, and the scouting department. I wouldn't be surprised if Zorn sleeps in and misses a few pick. Okay, actually I would... but he won't need to be there. Day 2 of the draft has less to do about the coach than it does about how good a team's scouting is.

Anyway, here's your open thread. Who do you want? What position do you think the team is looking at, or should be drafting?

Hit it up in the comments. I'll have a Day 2 recap tonight and I'm sure once Skin Patrol gets off his ledge, he'll get a few musings up as well.

[Note by TexSkins, 04/27/08 9:56 AM CDT ] I forgot... how do we have 100+ and 80 votes on the two polls below and yet only have 7 people who read and/or comment on this damn thing?