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With the 21st pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Redskins take...

[Note by TexSkins, 04/26/08 4:47 PM CDT ] The ESPN DraftCast shows that the Skins have both the Falcons 2nd round picks. I still haven't seen an official round-up of that trade. That would be picks #3, #17, and #20 (their original one) in the second round.
[Note by TexSkins, 04/26/08 4:52 PM CDT ] I just saw that they also picked up the Falcons 4th rounder. Same source.
[Note by TexSkins, 04/26/08 4:56 PM CDT ] Final note on this. The Redskins traded their #1 (#21 overall), #3 (#84 overall), and #5 (#154) for the two #2s of Atlanta, and Atlanta's #4. I don't like it. So, now they pick at #34, #48, #51, #96, #103, #186, #228, #242, and #249.

a trade with the Falcons. Interesting draft thus far, so this pick kinda takes me by surprise. Not because of what the Skins did, but because of what everyone else did. Talib at #20 with Jenkins still on the board? Trading up to #18 for the second QB? Giving away a future first rounder for Jeff Otah? Color me shocked.

ESPN has an interesting intro for the Skins pick. A season recap, with all the highlights and lowlights. I wish I had NFL Network. Also, Mel Kiper with the obligatory "having 9 picks is a change" comment.

Anyway, back to the newest Redskins move. I don't know what results of the trade are, but I'm sure Skin Patrol is off somewhere jumping up and down, drunk... with joy. Drunk with joy. No self respecting blogger would be drunk any other way.

I'll update the details about the trade when I get them. Since Atlanta didn't have a first rounder this year, it should be pretty pricey as far as picks. Their second rounder is obviously a given... but there needs to be quite a bit of compensation outside of that. A number one next year would make me nearly piss myself. I would be very excited with that.