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This is a Redskins draft open thread

We're about 24 hours away from the draft so I thought I'd get this thing going early. First, let me apologize for the website being down yesterday. It's out of my control but was a not-too-unexpected hiccup when you're migrating hundreds of websites from one platform to another. I'm assured that everything is being watched extremely carefully to both prevent future down time and also to expedite getting us back online more quickly should the problem recur. I beg for patience.

Who are we going to draft? Consider this your thread to speculate endlessly in the comments section. Who knows? Actually, as CptChaosSidekick points out in a diary, though, at least one NFL commenter is fairly deterministic about the direction we're going:

Redskins narrow choices: The Redskins seem to be making one last check before selecting Oklahoma wide receiver Malcolm Kelly or Clemson defensive end Phillip Merling. A good portion of the Redskins' front office jumped on Dan Snyder's plane and visited both players Thursday. Kelly did some shuttle runs. They wanted to spend a little more time with Merling. It's pretty clear these are two of the Redskins finalists if they are available at No. 21 in the first round. The Redskins need a third receiver. They have also been looking for another pass-rusher.

CCS has questions about Kelly:

Malcolm  Kelly worries me.  He screams 1st rd wideout bust. I heard about him throwing Oklahoma's athletic staff under the bus because he isn't very good at running 40yds with a purpose. The times he recorded don't worry me as much as his propensity to bitch and bring money up already when he's yet to run one frigging route on an NFL field. So I think we should stay away from that young man.

I don't know if I'd go as far as to call him a bust, but I've already made my thoughts known on 1st round wide receivers. If we're looking for a tall, possession guy to move the chains, I don't think it's necessary to spend the 1st round pick to acquire a guy. Any questions that Malcolm Kelly raises about his own inability to, for instance, take responsibility for his own damned times is merely additional incidental info that compels me to go in a different direction. Besides, I want Jordy Nelson and we can wait past the first round to get him.

It's going to be an interesting draft. Unfortunately I will only be around the internet sparingly, as I'll be spending it with two of my fellow bloggers and beer. If you are desperate to get in touch with Skin Patrol, don't be afraid to make your presence known at either Behind The Steel Curtain or Arrowhead Pride. If you make some mention of Hogs Haven on those sites, I'm sure the respective authors will let me know and I'll find some time to shout back.

TexSkins should have a big mock draft post up before the actual dealy tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that. In the interim, post all your draft related thoughts here, as this is Your Washington Redskins 2008 NFL Mock Draft Open Thread or some shit. The draft is almost enough football saturation to make you forget it's the offseason, so enjoy the weekend guys. Cheers and HTTR.