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Redskins 360: Redskins made offer for Roy Williams

Well now I'm just getting repetitive, but add Detroit WR Roy Williams to the list of players the Redskins made deals for. As David Elfin reports, emphasis added:

A Redskins source said that Bengals star Chad Johnson isn't the only receiver about whom the team has inquired about acquiring. But as with Cincinnati, which rejected Washington's offer of the 21st pick in this weekend's draft and a conditional third-rounder in 2009, Arizona and Detroit turned down overtures regarding Anquan Boldin and Roy Williams, respectively.

He notes that such inquiries aren't going to do much good, though, since Detroit says Williams is off the market.

Of the three, though, I'd actually be happiest with Roy Williams. He's the youngest, lacks the degree of current contentiousness with his current team in Chad Johnson, and (as far as I can tell, though I don't follow him closely) isn't willing to turn down a top 3 WR contract as was apparently the case with Boldin.

All wishful thinking, because he's staying in Detroit... or is it? As my colleague at Blogging the Boys points out:

At the Lions’ press conference yesterday, they shook off questions about trading Roy but didn’t give the emphatic "no" that they had previously stated. Maybe something is cooking there and I hope the Cowboys are right in the middle of it. I’ve always said this one was the most likely to happen for the Cowboys.

If the Cowboys are in, you can bet we're interested as well.

The offer further lends credence to the idea that the 'Skins are committed to filling the WR need with a proven free agent, rather than a draft pick. For better or worse, that appears the strategy.