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ESPN: Redskins made offer for Anquan Boldin

First, huge hat tip to dr WNC for getting this up in a diary earlier. His thoughts:

When the majority of Fans look at the Redskins team roster, the roster which all 22 starters are returning, most say the need is for a large WR.  It appears based on another report today the Redskins are exploring options with other NFL teams.

"other" NFL teams because we took a stab at getting Chad Johnson from the Bengals, unsuccessfully. The emerging picture is one where the team is committed to getting a proven wide receiver in free agency and isn't afraid to shop around to do so. The question is whether they can get the guy they want before the upcoming draft? Time is running out, and surely if we need a WR before the draft (but can't get one) we'll need one during, which would have a profound impact on how and who we select this weekend.

The story per ESPN:

The Arizona Cardinals have no interest in dealing wide receiver Anquan Boldin, despite trade inquiries from other teams and a trade request by Boldin's agent...

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported that the Cardinals have declined a trade offer from the Washington Redskins for the five-year veteran.

Details on the offer are lacking, though the most important news is, once again, who is involved behind the scenes. He is always around:

Boldin's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, recently asked the team if it would be willing to trade his client, Cardinals officials said, according to the Republic. The Cardinals said no and don't plan to allow Rosenhaus to seek a trade...

The roots of the trade talk extend to last summer, when Boldin and Rosenhaus met with Graves and coach Ken Whisenhunt to discuss a new deal. Rosenhaus, according to the Cardinals, made a proposal, and the Cardinals made a counterproposal in late November or early December, according to the report.

 Graves said that offer would have put Boldin among the five highest-paid receivers within three years, the Republic reported.

Rosenhaus didn't respond to the agreement says Graves, ostensibly to find out what the team was going to pay Larry Fitzgerald first. I respect an agent who is willing to advocate for his client, but at some point aggressive agenting becomes adversarial negotiations, and that can permeate throughout the league, so long as it works. While the Redskins are out seeking other people's players under contract, it's worth considering the impact successful accomplishment of our task would have on future negotiations. Suppose, for instance, that Rosenhaus encourages both Chad Johnson and Anquan Boldin to make themselves so contagious to the teams that have them under contract that they do trade? Rosenhaus represents more than a few Redskins players, and do we really want to send the message that players should be encouraged to get combative with their teams to force trades? Then again, Rosenhaus is the most famous of player agents for a reason; if the future of the NFL is his adversarial style of agenting, why not go along for the ride? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and few teams have as good a working relationship with Drew Rosenhaus as the Redskins.

I have absolutely no idea where this is all headed.

But more on point, the Redskins are interested in Boldin, and I like Boldin. I think he's a quintessential possession receiver of the type we need. That said, if he's unwilling to accept a deal that (allegedly) makes him a top 3 paid receiver in the league, he won't come free to us. And he won't come at all unless the Cardinals show more willingnses to budge on the trading issue.

Moving forward, I wouldn't be surprised if we tender more offers between now and Saturday. WR is probably our biggest need right now, as the other positions that are listed as needs are mostly for depth and future purposes. (For example, we return all defensive and offensive line starters and are only temporarily without our starting cornerback Carlos Rogers.) But we need a damned complement tall wide receiver now. Much as we needed a new starting inside linebacker now when we went out and acquired London Fletcher, perhaps our current WR need demands getting a proven talent as opposed to trying to develop a young drafted player, with all the attendant risks of a bust. That certainly appears like the conclusion the team has made, if reports are true that we're pursuing both Boldin and Johnson.


Elsewhere: I think, as per usual, Hog Heaven speaks wisely on this issue and urge you to go read that blog.