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Hogs Haven selects Chilo Rachal

First and foremost, make sure you check out all the info provided on the site's new layout here. The information there is clutch and should assist you all in navigating this brave new world we call Hogs Haven.

Second, I was out and about this weekend which conveniently freed me of all accountability in the SB Nation Mock Draft. Duties were left to the extremely competent -- and probably more qualified on draft related matters anyways -- TexSkins, who went with Chilo Rachal, offensive guard out of USC. TexSkin's reasoning went, in part, something like this:

Basically, we took the best player on the board who happens to fill a need.  If he doesn't start right away, he will be starting either by the end of the year or going into next season and should fill one of the two G spots for a long time.  He still has an upside and I see him being a very good G for the Redskins for a very long time.

Works for me; offensive line is one of our major needs. If I had it to do all over again, I probably would not have gone cornerback then guard because I'd like a defensive linemen within the first three rounds, but that would be more a criticism of my first round pick than this one. Guard is a great position to address in the 1st or 2nd round and Chilo, who happens to have a kick ass name, was the right guy at this point.

How wrong were we was TexSkins? Let him know in the comments section. For all my distancing from responsibility for this move, I thought it was a great pick and am appreciative to TexSkins for moving the ball forward whilst I was out of town spending time with my lovely girlfriend.

Related note: Redskins Insider says:

I expect the Redskins to focus significant draft energy along the line, with age and health a major issue with the O Line. Randy Thomas and Jon Jansen are again coming off surgery and lost seasons. Pete Kendall has arthritic knees. Getting 2-3 more quality seasons out of all three of them is asking a lot, and the Skins know it.

Which tends to support the proposition that a qualified guard within the first two rounds is a very plausible pick for the Redskins and, thus, those of us attempting to mock and mimick our favorite team.