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You won't recognize me when I return

That's the blog talking to you. Heavy shit, I know.

I am out for the weekend and the fort shall be held down by TexSkins in my absence. The big news this weekend is that you guys need to help him in selectin the Redskins next pick in the SB Nation Mock Draft. Maybe I'll be around. Probably not.

In even bigger news, this place is getting changed dramatically next week. Hogs Haven is due for a serious face lift come Monday, I've heard morningish. The new site will look more like this except for the fact that Athletics Nation is the flagship SB Nation Blog and the content there is way better and more than 7 people read it and so it really won't look all that much like this except for the new glitz and glamor.

The migration is a huge deal that I am neither apt nor willing to get into now. We are going to explore the changes together, as most of its effects relate directly to how much more easily I can communicate with you clowns. I should have a post up on Monday describing some of the substantive website changes and how they benefit you. It will be a learning process for both reader(s) and yours truly, and all I ask is you give the new website a chance. I cannot wait. I may have peed myself in anticipation.

Enjoy your weekend.

PS: Just so we're clear, you are now on notice that this place is going to look totally different by Monday, Tuesday at the latest. Don't anybody say WTF, mate? It's not like the end of the world, mang.