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The 2008 Adopt-a-Redskins Debate

My fellow HogsHavenites,

This is a crucial time for our nation.  Never before has your support been needed any greater than it is today.  Recently, my fellow blogger Skin Patrol advocated Pete Schmitt and supported him as part of his Adopt-a-Redskin program.  Now, while I feel that this program is a worthy venture, I do not want you to be decieved by his strong support for Schmitt.

I say this because, as recently as a few weeks ago, Skin Patrol had been expressing the merits of one Anthony Mix and as recently as a month ago, he expressed his (and I quote) "irrational faith" in Mr. Mix as becoming a fine player for your -- no, our -- beloved team.

But, when pressed, he flip-flopped his advocation for Mr. Mix in favor of Mr. Schmitt, and then tried to hide his deed by immediately calling for a Blogwar with Mr. Lee Gibbons over at The Redskin Report.  I ask you... what kind of man tries to cover up his wrongs by going to an unnecessary war of his own making?

Now, I want to make my intentions clear: I am, hereby, announcing my support of Anthony Mix in the 2008 Adopt-a-Redskin program started by Skin Patrol and I encourage -- no, I emplore -- all of you to do the same.  Your -- no, our -- faithful head coach Jim Zorn is already giving the issue his attention (Hat tip: PFT) and I ask that you do the same.

Now, while we're on the subject, I also want to point out that the Adopt-a-Redskin program proposed by Skin Patrol is really a thinly veiled attempt to rip off a fine idea from your friend -- no, our friend -- Blitzburgh over at Behind the Steel Curtain.

I want you to be aware of the trickeration of Skin Patrol so that you might foil his plot of having you fall into his carefully laid trap.  I want you to have all the information available to you as you head towards making such a crucial decision.  I ask only that you give this measure your utmost attention and deliberate carefully, while weighing all the options.

I support Anthony "Joseph Reali" Mix not for your -- I mean, our -- now, but for our team's future.  I thank you, and remind you to also keep informed of the issue over at Mocking the Draft as the pick of your -- I mean our -- Redskins will be up early tomorrow.  

I thank you again and, as always, HTTR.