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Mock Draft round 2: Hogs Haven needs YOU

TexSkins thinks we're going to be picking in the SB Nation Mock Draft sometime around Saturday, so it's time to start thinking about who we should select. He produced this list of possible moves:

I think we need to go DL, OL, or WR.  That's pretty obvious.  Some names I've got:


 Ellis (DE) (Va Tech)

Jackson (DE) (USC)

Bryant (DT) (A&M)

Okam (DT) (UT)


Rachal (G) (USC)

Schuening (G) (Oregon St.)


Hardy (Indiana)

Add your own in the comments section, with justifications. A somewhat current list of the players taken thus far is on the left hand sidebar of Mocking the Draft. I really feel like holding out for Jordy Nelson in the 3rd round, though in a phone conversation TexSkins suggested the idea of taking Nelson early just to make sure, and I wasn't totally against it. Hardy would make a fine receiver, too. I like anyone high on the O-Line list and though I'm personally more inclined to take a DE than a DT, word is that Greg Blache really wants an interior lineman.