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Santana Moss must be saved from himself

Tanaman is of such physical superiority over the competition that he presents a danger even to himself each and every time he steps on a field and accelerates. Jason Campbell said it:

"Santana took a different approach to the offseason," Campbell said. "He is such a fast athlete, and whenever you run as many routes as he runs, you tend to put more wear and tear on your legs. This year, we told him to take more time off to get his legs back healthy. Last year, he was fighting so many problems. "Today, Santana came out and caught passes with us and he looked smooth. He looked like he was right back in the thick of things again. We just told him not to overdo it. The worst thing would be for him to overdo it right now and it affects him later on in the year. Everybody knows how important Santana is to this team."
I am no sports scientist so will not speculate on the accuracy that a player being faster means he's more likely to get injured, though increased reps would tend to increase stress on one's body. I suspect that Santana's injuries have less to do with the fact that he happens to be a remarkably fast human being but that he plays in an explicitly contact sport against other people who also happen to be remarkably fast human beings that wish him harm. If he needs more rest in the offseason to cope with injuries sustained during the regular season, whatever works for him is just peaches and cream by me.

Santana Moss had to resort to kidnapping threats to get workouts with Jason Campbell years ago, though I don't ever recall him actually doing so. Feel free to sift through Hogs Haven archives to find the story where Moss and Campbell actually found time to work together in '07. Better late than never, I suppose.