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Adopting Players: Pete Schmitt watch

Idea premised on something done better elsewhere. My amigo at Behind the Steel Curtain hosted an Adopt-A-Steeler program last year where he had reader(s) pick specific Steelers players and focus on them during games. A sampling:

Can readers please select one Steelers player and keep their eyes on him as much as possible. Consider it an 'Adopt-a-Steeler' activity: you pick a Steeler, watch for what he's done well and not so well during the game, then report the following day on what you saw. Your adopted Steeler will remain with you for the remainder of the season.

I think this would allow us to get more detailed info on what specific individual players are doing throughout the course of each game and the progress they may or may not be making throughout the season. It's simply hard to evaluate 11 guys at once when you're watching a game, no?

I think it's a grand idea that lends itself to the offseason where actual information is in short supply thus necessitating, for content's sake, unnecessary speculation and increased magnification of player activities. If anyone is down for this idea go right ahead and "adopt" a player and make it your offseason's and continuing 2008 season's mission to focus far too much on their career. Whoever picks Chris Cooley will find no shortage of content on which to rant.

I lead by example. As you well know my obsession with Pete Schmitt has no rational basis but I support it nonetheless. He is a long shot to even make the roster, let alone see any field as he competes with Nemo for backup fullback. If ever there were a player not to adopt, this is it, as I could be childless within a matter of weeks. Despite all that I sally forth undeterred, especially since it's so easy to identify the relevant Pete Schmitt related content that needs pimping at Hogs Haven: anything and everything written about Pete Schmitt. If you're already sick of Pete Schmitt related news, prepare to get sicker, because I'm adopting him. Per Redskins Insider:

[Running back] is a position of considerable depth with Cartwright back on the cheap. Personally, I think Marcus Mason could prove a capable backup or change-of-pace guy at some point as well, and also contribute in the return game. But it's awfully hard, if not impossible, to carry four tailbacks, particularly if the Redskins do finally establish a solid back-up fullback to Mike Sellers as well, which would eat up a roster spot. I like the re-signing of Pete Schmi[t]t in that regard.
ESPN's insultingly stupid Who's Now competition could not possibly have captured the nowness of Schmitt, who is so absolutely now proper spelling of his name is still new and exciting. If SB Nation had a Wisconsin-Whitewater blogger, I'd ask them to do a full expose on Schmitt's history with that program. (Aside: SB Nation does have a Tennessee blog and if you are at all as interested in linebacker prospect Jerod Mayo as the Redskins are, click these words.) In case you didn't know, Pete Schmitt was a first team All-WIAC collegiate football player. In case you didn't know, and I didn't, WIAC is the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

So adopt your own player, or don't. Just a thought for an otherwise boring offseason, though please, by all means, let me monopolize the conversation with my shitty content.

In other news, mercifully Ben and the Curly R have returned, with force, as he documents in great detail the entire history of the Redskins coaching search in toto more effectively than I've seen anywhere else on the internet. He also has a way with pictures and clever subtitles that I envy. Enjoy.

Oh yea; TexSkins writes things, I get credit. This is why I blog.