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Kenny Mayne and Darrell Green want you to read more (I do too!)

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There isn't a lot of Redskins news happening so I'm going to take the opportunity to shamelessly soft soap some literature to reader(s). Though actual news is pending, since the schedule comes out in a few hours. As I will be in class when it does, I hope at least one reader or contributor will take the time to get the schedule up on this site as soon as it is released so I can promote to the front page when I have the chance. In other quick hits Redskins related minutiae: Ben returns, finally, you can go watch Chris Cooley's workouts at his blog, the Mayor says Fuck Philly with some help from Gheorge Muresan, etc.

First up on the literature front is Kenny Mayne's new book: An Incomplete & Inaccurate History of Sport* where * references the longest subtitle in book history. Full Disclosure alert: Yours truly received a free copy of this book. In the interests of receiving free literature in the future I am shilling for Kenny Mayne, although I should say that I actually do enjoy Mayne and think he's a funny, funny guy. I was raised by SportsCenter in the early 90s (my parents were busy) and considered the likes of Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann and Craig Kilborn and Kenny Mayne surrogates. That was back when I was young and naive enough to still think I could impact the world substantially, say by being President or, if I were really ambitious, claiming witty one-liners on SportsCenter next to the likes of Chris Berman. So just for your own edification and for ethical disclosure, know that my opinion of Kenny Mayne, and by extension his book, is probably irrationally influenced towards the positive. If you're still interested in more details of the book, go check out the website and reach your own conclusions. I have not yet read the book, I received the damn thing yesterday, but will begin attacking it later today, probably from a toilet. I'm assured by the book's jacket that completion of the book takes no longer than one hour; I'm skeptical. The bulk of it is devoted to Football, "the greatest sport in the world and everyone knows it." If you need encouragement, note that Seinfeld once held a high opinion of Mayne too, although it isn't clear that is still the case:

In any event, don't you want me to get free books? I'm poor.

My book shilling is not complete. You'll notice that I added a banner on the left side of the website that links to Press Box Legends where you can purchase the Darrell Green Hail To The Hall of Famer publication, that I have in my possession right now. I'd suggest getting the expensive 64 dollar combo deal where you get a Darrell Green signed copy of the publication as well as a regular one. Mostly because the more you spend on that link, apparently, the more money I get, since I get reimbursed for referrals. If you are feeling especially spiteful -- even though I'm a poor, starving, and starving, and poor student -- you can go buy the book here without any amount of money finding my pocket. Now I don't have to feel bad about trying to dupe anyone into lining my own pockets.

But the truth is I'd be promoting this publication sans any financial incentive: First, because I love Darrell Green. I love Darrell Green enough to have mentioned him on at least 33 separate occasions here and have enormous respect for him as a defensive back, as a Redskin, and as a human being. He was the best defensive back perhaps in the entire history of the NFL, but turns out he was twice as good off the field as he was on it; see: Darrell Green Youth Life Foundation.

Second, because there is a publication with Darrell Green's name on it, with an exclusive interview with Darrell Green in it, that Darrell Green is actually signing, that also happens to mention some website and some guy. As a result, that some website and some guy, admittedly in an insignificant way but one I embrace wholeheartedly, will forever be inked in peripheral association with Darrell Green. I quote from the chapter "A Redskin For Life" by Neal Shaffer, billed as "a writer based in Baltimore and a regular contributor to Pressbox" and who I am eternally indebted to and owe many a free beverage (and you can check out his website here), emphasis added:

The Redskins didn't want Green anymore and were prepared to ship him out. Green listened to God and to his heart and refused to go. He was, he said, prepared to leave football altogether -- never to play another down -- rather than take snaps for any team other than the Washington Redskins.

That kind of loyalty isn't lost on longtime Redskins fans. Green has a spot among the true legends in Washington sports, and Redskins fans universally appreciate what he meant, and continues to mean, to the team and the city.

Will Allensworth, the operator of the Hogs Haven fan Web site, said fans can appreciate a player who stays with his team.

"In this era of free agency, NFL fas can rightly wax nostalgic on days of yore when buying a jersey with a player's name on the back meant you were investing in property that didn't go out of date by April[...]"

And it goes on and I'm flattered they decided to include anything I wrote in the publication. The fact is that I'm woefully inadequate at the task of producing words befitting a player and person of Darrell Green magnitude and yet I got to be a(n admittedly insignificant) part of Darrell Green's history. I don't give a shit what anyone else says, I'm pretty pleased about it.

Anyways, I'm not done reading it yet but will try to do so as soon as school simmers down. I encourage you all to at least check out the website (here). Once I've finished reading this and Kenny Mayne's book, I'll get full reviews up though you've no good reason to necessarily wait and take my word for it. Cheers.