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Still nothing going on... so how about a poll?

Besides that Hall of Fame Game tickets went on sale today, there isn't much a happenin'.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has announced that a very limited number of sideline and end zone tickets for the 2008 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, featuring the Washington Redskins and Indianapolis Colts, will be available for sale to the public on Monday, April 14.
The Aug. 3 Hall of Fame Game, televised nationally on NBC's Sunday Night Football, is scheduled for an 8 p.m. ET start.

Tickets may be purchased online by visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame's web site at or by calling 800-913-9788 beginning at 11 a.m. ET on April 14.

I'd go except for the inconvenient fact that I have no actual income, that my debt is constantly increasing; and tickets cost $40-50. Or I could take the pretend moral high ground by claiming the real reason is because I'm boycotting the entire city of Canton or some shit like that.

Or I could tell you that two mock drafts I think are reasonable have the Redskins selecting Malcolm Kelly. Football Outsiders says:

1-21-21 Washington Redskins -- Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma

Washington hasn't used a draft pick on a wideout since Taylor Jacobs in 2003, and the Brandon Lloyd experiment has now officially failed (shock!). The talk of mock drafts has them leaning towards defensive end, but they're somewhat underrated as far as depth along the defensive line goes. At wideout, Santana Moss had an incredibly disappointing year, and although Antwaan Randle El played well, he's a No. 3 wideout stretched as a No. 2. Kelly has the ideal size you look for in a wideout, he's a very good blocker (a huge part of the Redskins system, at least under Al Saunders), and he functions perfectly as a possession receiver that opens up space for the deeper threats of Randle El and Moss. Jason Campbell, welcome your new best friend.
- Bill Barnwell

Sportz Assassin says:
With the first pick in the Jim "Z-man" Zorn era, the Redskins will look for a receiver. Currently, the Skins have two fast receivers who are excellent in the open field ... but lack the kind of move-the-chains guy you need in the West Coast Offense.

Enter Malcolm Kelly. Kelly is big (6'4, 220 lbs), has great hands and has the ability to break tackles and turn a 7-yard slant into a 50-yard TD.

Seems reasonable enough that he'll drop, as his combine results and subsequent blaming of Oklahoma will probably drop his stock just enough for us to get him later in the 1st round.

Beyond that I've really got nothing but a busy week in front of me that will demand more time away from this space. In the meantime, here's my shamelessly self-interested poll question because I need your input for the Redskins upcoming 2nd round pick in the SB Nation Mock Draft: Presuming the Redskins selected a cornerback in the first round, say like an Aqib Talib type player (or they actually selected Aqib Talib) what position would you address... in the second round? Reader(s) are encouraged to write in player names.

Also, this is Whiplash; I've seen him live and he is every bit as awesome there as he is in Taco John commercials.