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Skins cut Campbell, name Collins starter

Update [2008-4-1 19:18:5 by TexSkins]: Just having some fun on a slow April day...

Read more of the story here.  From the article:

Zorn said that the recent time he has spent one on one with Campbell has been little more than a "waste of time."  Zorn went on to say that "for a guy who was supposed to be coachable, with 7 systems in 8 years or whatever it is, the guy just doesn't want to listen."

The Redskins are expected to look for a young QB in this month's draft to compete with Sam Hollenbach for the backup spot.

Wow.  Surprising stuff.  I have a feeling that the knee injury is a little more serious than the team first let on.  I'm just glad that the team resigned Collins.

This changes the team's need in the draft a bit.  Think Brohm is worth the #21 pick?  Anyway, hit up the comments section.  Sad day for the 'Stache.

P.S. The Raiders pick of McFadden in the SBN draft is up over at Mocking the Draft.  Stay tuned for the Chiefs pick later today.