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ESPN keeps harping on this

Update [2008-3-6 9:14:4 by Skin Patrol]: If you wanted to watch Brett Favre quit, is live streaming his farewell. Sammy Baugh = best quarterback eva!
"Where does Favre rank all time" thing... PTI even had a Mt. Rushmore of QB talk yesterday.  All of which seems the perfect topic for a blog.

Farewell to Number Four. (Image from here.)

So where is Favre?  SP and I have had this conversation before (I think so at least) and I think we vary only slightly on the "best" NFL QBs.

So, anyway... where do you, footballs fans above all else, rank Favre on the all time list?  Is he on you Mt. Rushmore?

Forgive the lame topic, but the Redskins have been quiet on the FA front (which is a good thing) and the draft is still so far off.  

Plus, barroom topics like this that have no definate answers are always so much fun.