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A few quick bits and pieces...

First, today is the opening day of the 2008 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft.

Let's get it on... (Image from here.)

Be sure to check out Mocking the Draft regularly over the next few weeks as they go through two full rounds (and maybe a third depending on time restraints) of their mock draft.  The Miami pick is already in the books, so expect the first post to be up very soon.  The Rams are, as they say, on the clock.  Good stuff.

-  -  -

In related mock draft news, the Mile High Report version is already underway.  

Who wins for best Mock Draft logo? (Image from here.)

Stay tuned for the Skins' pick, which should be up in the next few days.  Unlike the SBN Mock Draft, the Mile High Report's version allows for trades, which is already making things interesting.   (Philly trading into the top 5???  You must be out your mind.)  It is, as they say, in full swing.

(P.S.  With all these mock drafts underway, it might be high time for the annual Hogs Haven version, aye?  Stay, as they say, tuned.)

-  -  -

Next up, I want to point out a very good diary from none other than our own CaptChaosSidekick.  Go read up on some Redskins history.  That makes two very well done diaries in a row.  The man is, as they say, on a roll.  Again, good stuff.

-  -  -

Now, the not-so-good stuff.  The Sean Taylor murder trial has been postponed until August 25th.  The trial was origionally scheduled for April 7th, but both side agreed to the continuance.  To give you some sort of idea of the new time frame, this means the trial now starts less than 2 weeks before the Redskins kick off the NFL season against defending the Super Bowl champion NY (football) Giants.  As they say, so it goes.

As always, feel free to tell me what I missed.  Hit up the comments section for any and all, as they say, comments.