Redskins Versitle & Elusive...We also rock at cool nicknames

I was scrolling through the video section, and came to find a pair of 'Skins on both the Top 10 lists for Most Versatile and Most Elusive Runners. When I was younger (I'm a spry 26) the redskins weren't very good or were close and lost at the last second a lot. To numb the pain I got my hands on any NFL Films production, mostly footage of Skins kicking ass old school style or some wacky follies/amazing plays. Needless to say I love me some NFL Films.

Elusive Top Ten: #8 Joe Washington
Now I have to admit I didn't know too much amount "little" Joe Washington outside of his days a Skin. He also played for Classy San Diego, the Colts of Baltimore and one year with the ATL. Did you know he had the best Monday Night game eva? Rushed, caught, THREW, and returned a kickoff for a TD in overtime. (Imagine the fantasy pts) His most famous play as a Skin might be catching the game wining pass from Theisman to cap off a great comeback against the Raiders in '83.

Elusive Top Ten: #5 Bobby Mitchell
Originally behind Jim Brown. (Who's going to unseat him? Maybe Forest Gump. I digress) Traded by the Browns because he was labeled a fumbler. When he got here, he was converted into a HOF WR. Awesome highlight of him getting revenge on Cleveland.

Versatile Top Ten: # 8 Brian Mitchell
B-Mitch holds a very strong place in my heart, and might just be my favorite Redskin. As I stated in my younger years the Skins weren't how should I say..elite. There was one constant though, and that was B-Mitch. I would often say to my friends "your team scored however you have to kick to Brian Mitchell!" He had the best field of vision on returns, and I challenge you to find a better 3rd down RB. Should've gone to more Pro Bowls but due to his ability to get under other teams skin via eloquent trash talking, was only voted to one.

Versatile Top Ten: #1 Sammy Baugh
I'm convinced that Baugh was half Batman and half Jedi Knight. Brian Fantana once said "They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, he kicks ass every time." There's nothing that I can say that you don't already know about the man. We was his own all-pro team and founded the art of the forward pass a offensive scheme instead of only desperation shenanigans.

I'm not a talented enough writer to describe in words, how amazing they were. Go to click on the NFL Network tab and witness awesomeness in motion.

Redskins also got props for getting creative with Nicknames:

Over The Hill Gang: so named due to the large number of veteran players on the team. Of the Redskins first five picks in '71, they only used one, deciding to trade the rest.

Hogs: Made average running backs great, except John Riggins who was already great and indeed himself an honorary Hog. Did you know in the '91 season QB Mark Rypien was only sacked 7 times? The fact that not a one is in the hall is a crime.

Not mentioned unless I missed it, The Fun Bunch:
Known for their sweet group celebrations in the end zone usually a group high-five following a touchdown, and usually after making the others team look like Helen Keller trying to tie shoelaces.
The Fun Bunch's actions eventually resulted in a league-wide ban of "excessive celebration" in 1984...pushed by one Tom Landry. I personally am proud of that fact. There was a (pun intended) smaller group with in the Fun Bunch know as: The Smurfs. The Smurfs consisted of Gary Clark, Alvin Garrett, and Charlie Brown. The three were given the nickname because of their tiny (yet very feisty) size (Garrett was 5'7", Clark was 5'9", and Brown the tallest at 5'10" They also made secondary's look like mental patients humping doorknobs.