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Will Demps be a Redskin?

See what I did thar? His first name is Will (like mine!) and then I simultaneously used it as a verb. Very, very sharp rhetoric by yours truly. My mother says I'm handsome as well.

That's enough. Per Redskins Insider:

Houston free agent safety Will Demps has scheduled a visit to Redskins Park for sometime next week. league sources said.

Demps, 28, is a former starting safety with the Ravens, Giants and Texans.

I've just learned that Will Demps was an AFC alternate for the Pro Bowl:
Given the stupendous seasons being had by several other Texans, why is DeMeco the only one packing for Hawaii?  Sure, Mario Williams, Kris Brown, and Will Demps (not bad for a dude who was signed off the street after the season started) were named "alternates" for the AFC squad.  That's better than nothing, I guess.
Alternate behind a gentleman by the name of Ed Reed, who happens to be pretty good at football. Redskins 360 calls this a starter move, which doesn't bode well for Reed Doughty:
In the wake of the shooting death of Pro Bowl starter Sean Taylor in November, the Redskins are looking for a safety to play next to LaRon Landry. Second-year man Reed Doughty was solid after Taylor was lost last season, but backups Pierson Prioleau and Omar Stoutmire could well depart as free agents.
Which is itself a strange development. The fleeing from the roster of our backup safeties will in effect create a need for a... starter? I was a big fan of the way Doughty stepped up last season, but would be lying if I said it didn't surprise me. He was probably playing over his head, though I thought he earned himself a starting job.

Although the offseason has been eerily quiet and with many Redskins fans suffering from OSDW (off-season drama withdrawal), while Redskins One unusually stationary, I don't mind this as a first move. It is very difficult to argue with the need at safety created by the murder of Sean Taylor. This isn't the team pursuing a replacement for Pierson Prioleau via Adam Archuleta, when the former turns out to be better than the latter anyways. This is not the blind pursuit of more expensive though greener grass, rather this team suffered an unexpected loss and the reality is that an unfillable void needs to at least be addressed.

As with everything, my initial instinct is "I'm fine with player X but for how much?" I parrot this same inquiry every time the team pursues players outside the roster and remain committed to letting that largely temper my attitude about Demps. Reader(s)... where are you at on this? Newcomer skinsrgods suggested we take a safety in the first round. The fluid nature of free agency should make apparent how difficult it is to predict where the 'Skins should go in the draft, as needs can change daily. Will Demps change our draft needs? (See what I did thar again?!?)