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Redskin cracks top 10 receivers of all time list

I'm busy so I need to keep this short. Mike Sando at ESPN asked a panel of experts -- justified at the bottom of the article -- who the best wide receivers of all time were. A Redskin cracked the top 10, but probably not the guy you're thinking of:

Career: Played for Redskins 1964-77. All-time leading receiver with 649 catches for 9,110 yards when he retired. Elected to Hall of Fame in 1984.
Quick quote: "Those types of athletes who played more than one position --- Charley Taylor -- are worth the price of admission just to see them line up. That is an athlete right there, a subject in itself." -- [Raymond] Berry
Art Monk came close:
Among those left on the outside, Art Monk, [Raymond] Berry and James Lofton came closest to cracking the top 10...

Monk drew two top-five selections, topped by a No. 4 ranking from Johnson. Three other panelists left off Monk entirely. Johnson, the youngest panelist by a wide margin, steered clear of ranking players from earlier eras. The rankings provided by more seasoned panelists carried more weight as a result.

More on Taylor:
Taylor, 6-foot-3 and 210 pounds, spent two-plus seasons as a running back before the Redskins moved him to receiver in 1966. He retired after the 1977 season with 649 receptions, the most in league history at the time.

"Charley Taylor, I thought he was extremely tough," Houston said. "James Lofton was, I like to say, a mean receiver. He would fight you.

Full list was:
  1. Jerry Rice
  2. Randy Moss
  3. Don Hutson
  4. Michael Irvin
  5. Paul Warfield
  6. Carley Taylor
  7. Steve Largent
  8. Chris Carter
  9. Terrell Owens
  10. Marvin Harrison
My quick shake is that Randy Moss is too high, Marvin Harrison is too low. But I'll leave the real debate to you guys. (Obviously wrong for snubbing the Monk!)