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Reche Caldwell to the Rams

Update [2008-3-26 13:5:15 by Skin Patrol]: Per Redskins Insider:
Wide receiver Reche Caldwell rejected the Washington Redskins' contract offer and agreed to terms with the St. Louis Rams, a league source said today, and financial terms were not immediately available.
The Redskins offered Caldwell a one-year, minimum contract that would have paid him $730,000 next season.
The story from ESPN's Roundup is here.  He had a minimum salary offer from the Redskins and got a little more from the Rams.

Former Redskin CB David Macklin signed with the Rams last week.  This seems to bode well for the Redskins drafting a wideout, but will it be in the first round?  Don't forget to hit up the poll in the SP Question post about the first round pick.

That's it for now.