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Recapping the 2007 NFL Draft and HH's poor Mocking

I was looking back at the mock draft I put together a year ago and it doesn't look good.  Well, at least I got the first pick right.  But after that, teams did some things I never would have thought.  Like Detroit taking another WR in the first round (Calvin Johnson) or the Skins not taking a Defensive Lineman.  Check out the page and laugh.  It is that ugly.

I did get it right about Quinn... well, kinda.  I had Miami taking him but my comment was "if he falls past here, he falls for a while, a la Aaron Rogers in Green Bay."  And my comment about the Browns at #3 was that "I think QB Quinn might get some thought here as well."  So... I got it half right.  It kinda handcuffs mock drafters to be unable to even conceive draft day trades, especially since they happen a lot.

I had the Jags taking Jarvis Moss at #17... but Denver traded to take him at that spot.  I count that as a victory.  I had the Giants taking Aaron Ross at #20 correct.  And Dwayne Bowe at #23 to the Chiefs.  And that's about it.

The biggest botched pick?  I had Alan Branch as not only a first rounder, but a top #5 pick going to the Cardinals.  He went as the first pick in the second round... to the Cardinals.  I think this is the type of move the Skins should consider.  According to Wikipedia (which quotes's draft day tracker) the trade went down like this:

Arizona traded their second-round selection (38th overall, used to select Zach Miller) and their fourth-round selection (105th overall, later traded to Detroit Lions for Josh McCown and Mike Williams and used to select A.J. Davis) to Oakland for their second-round selection (33rd overall, used to select Alan Branch).

If the Skins could trade up in the second round to take whoever falls at a position they don't draft in the first round, it might make sense.  But only if they are high on the particular player falling.  Otherwise, I stay at #51.

The second biggest botched pick?  LaRon Landry to the Skins.  I had him way down at #18 to the Bengals.  I had the Skins taking Jamaal Anderson and I'm very glad they didn't.  I didn't think they'd take a safety, but the move worked out pretty well, all things considered.

Resident draft guru Skin Patrol did even more poorly than I did, but that says little about either of us.  He got Russell and Bowe right.  I guess we should have waited a little bit past February to make up our mocks.

Anyway, feel free to comment away.  I'm going to sulk about my poor perfromance.

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