Mile High Reports Mock Draft

The Mile High Report's Mock will take place Sunday. If you go to the link on the diary the posted, you will see all the info. This actually looks like a very organized thingamablog they got going over there.

If we could come to a consensus on what position is in most need followed my the prospects ranked at said position, that would be a big help.

I think we need to have scenarios such as we rated d-line first on the list but none are on the board of that value so where do we go?

So what's everyones thought on what our team needs. In my most honest and humble opinion:

  1. D-line of the pass rushing sort
  2. CB
  3. O-line depth
  4. Traded
Picks 5-8 should be positional depth draftees I think.

I haven't forgot about our WR issue, but I was "mocking" on the assumption that a d-lineman would be there and after the top round the WR class drops off a lot. That being said if Hardy or another bigger WR is on the board that could complicate head hurts already