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March Madness open thread, DTC goes for serious, blogroll needs updating

First, this is a March Madness open thread. I hadn't done one until now because there are a million better places on the Internet to go to discuss March Madness than my shit Redskins blog, though knock yourselves out here. My brackets all have Kansas winning the championship against Texas, because I'm a Big 12 homer. My favorite team couldn't even make the NIT.

Second, the famous Dead Tree Crew (see here and here) has now become more famouser. They've gone film and official, says Mister Irrelevant:

Much like the present day National Football League, being a member of the Dead Tree Crew is a year round job. As evidence, we received an email last week from The Mayor himself:

    The DTC is set the to steal the thunder from St. Patricks day and March Madness. ... We will be launching a multi pronged attack ..."

Part of this "attack" was the launch of, where you can see endless photos of their tailgates at F-51, watch their music videos (featuring such classics as "Hit a Motherfucking Eagle Fan"), learn about their history and much more. Really, it's about time such sophisticated gentlemen became hip to the web.

Suffice to say I agree. Dead Tree Crew Official Website is going up on the blogroll right now.

Third and in conclusion, speaking of blogroll, it's in need of some updating, which I'll get to some time this year. For now, the newest entry into the Redskins nerdblog-o-sphere is Beltway Braves. Go enjoy, I will, daily, because that's what I do.

Update [2008-3-20 16:49:32 by Skin Patrol]: What the deuce I forgot to post the video. Enjoy, though know it is NOT safe for work, because DTC is too awesome to be safe for work. Video from Mr. I:

Update [2008-3-20 16:54:3 by Skin Patrol]: You have to watch the video if you haven't already. The Mayor with Dan Steinberg might be the funniest video clip I've ever watched. The gentleman's timing is perfect, I am morally convinced he and Dan smoked pot later.