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Redskins cut two receivers

Per the Official Site we've lost Steven Harris and Mike Espy:

The Redskins have released wide receivers Mike Espy and Steven Harris, the team announced on Monday.

Espy was set to assume a more prominent role on the Redskins' offense last year when he suffered a knee injury in preseason. He was placed on injured reserve following surgery, ending his season...

Harris had suffered a knee ligament during a 2007 mini-camp practice. He was placed on injured reserve following surgery.

Which goes to show how tenuous one's position is in the NFL and why staying healthy is so important. Both guys were in perpetual limbo as to their permanent roster spot, and proved one injury removed from cuts. I was rooting for both of them all the way -- moral people support underdogs. Best wishes to them both.

I enjoy watching the discussion here on drafting a WR but don't want to read too heavily into these cuts. I doubt either Mike Espy or Harris were ever threatening the #2 or #3 spot on the roster. If we were set, or opposed to, drafting a WR on the first day of the draft, those plans have probably not changed substantially.

Mike Espy is especially missed. For a guy who was effectively a practice squad overachiever for much of his tenure here, I typed his name on at least 24 different posts.