According to the new mock....

on and I like it. Ever since the offseason began, I've been against drafting a WR in the first rd. Further investigation has revealed that, at our current postion (21st pick overall) there's a good chance that there wont be a DE/DT woth that pick at that time.

IF we do pick a WR in the 1st, Malcolm Kelly (Oklahoma) would be my choice 'fo show! 6-3 224 & 4.55 40yd still my beating heart.

In the 2nd rd they have us getting DE Calais Campbell (The U). They call him a poor mans Mario Williams. He had a bad senior season and worse combine, but still think he's got lots of potential. I think we have the type of locker room that could help him.

Discuss..or don't but if I don't get some football news i'm gonna freak out